I started working on a new piece for a show coming up in July. For this one, I thought I would share the process from start to finish. .. . . . .This would be day one.



Two more prints have become available at WALLOVE this weekend. I should have more available here in the short future, as soon as I upload the files. In the meantime. . . you can find them here.

**I will be opening up a "shop" through my site in the near future, which will also feature other prints with limited editions. **



As I try to cut back on myspace, facebook, and others, I did randomly found this art networking site that is pretty much clean and clear cut. It really doesn't get anymore simple and or functional for artists who are trying to get some exposure, friends, and feedback. . . . . .

take a look here.


My secret friend and I went on a long journey to find a place to do some "art" stuff. We didn't think that we would have much luck, however we did find this cool little place that was very hidden. ( I would post some images, but I think its best that I don't). . . . . . .afterwards, we took yet another journey, and ended up at a place that everyone in Portland knows about. While I was there, I found these cool swallow nests on the ceiling of the large building. Being from Ohio, I have never scene nests like this.. . .If you look close enough, you'll see the little dudes hanging out. . .



If you are into nature and happy animals, I found this awesome video podcast that I highly recommend getting. . . . .it's similar to Planet Earth
You can either down load the videos in HD, or some other smaller versions.

find it at:



I'm getting ready for a solo show at the tail end of the summer, where I'm doing 15-20 new paintings. I thought it would be nice if I were to share the progress of few of the paintings. . . . . .


Saw this new high rise being built. Thought I would try to get a good night shot of it, although it was rather difficult to get on top of a building to shoot it, let alone hold the camera still. . . . in anycase, I thought it was nice.




A friend of mine invited me to paint some ramps for an upcoming "Portland Action Sports Expo". Here is a purposeful crappy picture of what we did. Due to the contour of the ramp, this was probably the most difficult and frustrating thing I have ever painted. But, I still had a good time hanging out and trying to do some yoga paint moves. Once the ramp is all pieced together with the others, it should be pretty awesome, as the other guys did a really awesome job.
If you want to learn more about the event, check it out at: www.extremeexpos.com



The other day, we happened to stop into giant art opening at Wieden + Kennedy (I could be wrong) , and as far as I understand, this was their first of many more to come. . . .I thought their space was pretty much awesome, so I took some pictures. However, I skipped out on catching pictures of the actual opening, but if your in Portland on first Thursdays, this should definitely be a stop. (the show kicked ass)



For everyone that showed up the other night. It was a great opening, got to meet some nice peoples, and it seems as if everyone had a good time. . . .here are a couple of images from the show. . . I will have to go back and get some more, as I thought I took more then I actually did.



Cole Kemp

(Sorry Steve, didn't get a good shot of your whole thing-I'll get it later)


I got to experience my first thunder storm in Portland yesterday. (I don't think those happen too often) It was all short and sweet, and the hail was quite frightening. . . . . I found this dude's truck. . . . . I guess the storm was a little worse then I thought. . . ... .sucks for this person.