I was bored today. So, I messed around in illustrator for a bit. . . Its been a while since I last used it, and still needs a lot of work.but. . . its just for fun. . . . .



I was wandering around again today. Found this cool little steel place with a ton junk in their "backyard" scrap area. . . . . . .



The show is coming up this Friday. For this show, I decided to do all drawings for many reasons. But, I figured I would leave you with an example of what to expect to see this weekend. . .



A couple years ago, I had the privilege to be a part of an award winning "wallscape" advertisement in Columbus, Ohio with Orange Barrel Media and Nationwide. For this project, I was the person who painted all of the green paint on . . well. literally everything.
This particular was my first massive painting project which had a good run for almost 2 years.

Apparently, Nationwide has changed its mine and decided to go back to their old slogan, and as a result the ad will be removed. Not that it really affects me, nor should it affect you as to what Nationwide decides to do with their campaigning. I just thought it was a fun project that I was glad to be a part of and I thought I would share the end of the project.




Hello there.
Thought I would give this blog thing a shot.. . . . I think I am going to blog about things I do as an artist such as, progress images, thoughts, ideas, playing around images, updates, you know and some of the other things in between that may be of others interests.

As some may know, the past few months I have been in hiding working on quite a bit of painting which was worth every second of isolating myself socially as I learned new things, and was able to focus everyday. Although, as expected I simply got burnt out on using a brush for the moment. To take advantage of such exhaustion, I have returned to drawing as my friends and I are doing a show here in Portland in a couple weeks at the Breeze Block Gallery.

With spring right around the corner and taking a break from painting for a month, I found that to be a good excuse to get out more and roam the streets at night . I recently purchased a new camera that motivated me to do something productive as I walk around at night looking for things. So, I have officially became a fake photographer that takes pictures of random things effected by light, because I think its fun and I also think it would be pretty cool to be able to see things like a camera does. . . . . . . . So on that note, I am leaving you with this photo of something random. . .

good night