The other day, I met up with quite a few dudes from around the N.W. to paint a giant production and have some good times in the cold windy weather at a somewhat of a secret spot. . . .wasn't able to get the best images, since we finished in the night time. . . but here is what I was able to get. . . . (pics in order from left to right) . . . . . .




(Pubs-not finished)



I had a chance to do a live painting for a monthly event called "massive" here in Portland. Here is the finished piece (sorry but,not the best image)



Hey friends.
If you happen to be in the Miami area in December for Basel, be sure to stop by the Wallove team show that is in conjunction with our friends at Latzero Gallery in Orlando



A friend of mine, 18 and counting, curated this fun show that is held at the report lounge this Friday in Portland, Or. . . . . . .
All the crayons and some giant prints are all provided for your color pleasures and dreams!!!!! (I think small prints too)



after a year plus, we finally got out to re-do a part of the Belmont wall, here in Portland. . .
(Vaquero to the left, and me on the right). . . . . . . . . we decided to do some self portraits of us in the future with our smelly cats. . . . . .


I moved a little while back to this placed I am pretty excited about. . . . . finally uploaded some flicks of the view. . . although its hard to see in the pictures (if at all), on a clear day, you can see mt. st. helens, mt adams, and mt. hood as if they are across the street. . . . . .. . . . cheerio.



I got to paint a trailer with my friend Foset, (Vaquero) at U4E, over the past couple of days. . . .
me to the left, him to the right. . . . . . click on images to see details. . . .

YARPY. . . .

I had the chance to paint a pretty cool food cart last week (yarp?!). . . For those not in the upper left area of the united states, food carts pretty much rule everything around here (go discover these cheap eats when visiting, the food is pretty awesome across the board).